Camera Rig With Quick Release

I have a camera. I have a tripod. I have over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. I should do something with that. Time to make some movies. I’ve always enjoyed filmaking, but I’ve never had a subject I wanted to cover, and my life is not interesting enough to try and be a vlogger. So, I’ll make project videos… sometimes with the girls… most times alone, in my garage. I spend a fair amount of time there. Why not turn on the camera and see what happens?


The first is this camera rig. It’s only fitting that my first new video with my new equipment is a video about that equipment. This is a simple camera rig that helps me easily grab my camera and move it around the shop without the risk of dropping it. I also put a quick-release plate on the bottom so I can keep the camera attached to the rig and move it on and off the tripod easily.


The whole project cost about $5 because it was made from PVC and scrap. PVC tubing is like LEGO for grown up projects. It’s super awesome to work with on jobs like this. I could have spent time making a beautiful handle out of exotic hardwood and custom finish… but this is something for the shop. It needs to be light, and durable… not pretty. Things that go in front of the camera are pretty… except when I go into selfie mode.


Me Booty! – Now For Sale!


In 19 days, we celebrate my favorite holiday: International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Every year, around this time, I do something special. Traditionally it’s been to give away copies of Scallywags… but this year, it’s something a little bit different.

Me Booty! is now for sale at!

Last year, I started a thing… each year at Gen Con (and maybe some other conventions) I will be making a new game, and giving it away. Last year, my main motivation was that I had some money leftover from my PULL! Kickstarter campaign and I felt guilty about it. I chose a game that I always wanted to release, but felt a bit weird about it because it was so similar to Scallywags, my first published design.

text3366As promised, I am not Kickstarting this game… but demand has been significant with many people who picked it up at Gen Con asking to buy more. I thought long and hard about it and decided that a year was long enough. I should share this game with the world-at-large, so here it is. If you order now, you should get it in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

If you noticed, I changed the look of the game a bit to make sure that those original 100 copies remain special. For this edition, the card backs and box now feature a dark background with some skull and crossbones instead of the original wood. I touched up a few spots in the rules as well that have drawn questions. The game, remains completely unchanged.

I love this game. I am crazy proud of it and thankful that it’s been well received. I hope that someday it will find a publisher for a larger release, but I’m not going to be that publisher. I’m out of the Kickstarter game fort he foreseeable future… so until it finds a home, please help me bring this game to life by sharing the Game Crafter link on all your social media outlets. That would be swell.

Thanks friends!

Gen Con, Hats, Maddness

Tomorrow, I leave for Gen Con 2015. I’m loading in my 1982 GMC 1500 truck and making the 400 mile trek without air conditioning, or even a radio. That’s not a problem when I’m on my bike, when I have to really pay attention to the world around me… but my truck is slow. Like, really slow… and boring… and hot… but, you know what? None of that matters. I’m going to Gen Con!

Matter Than a Hatter

transparent-logoThis year, I’m giving away another game: Madder Than a Hatter. I had a blast developing this game on camera, with the input of some awesome fans, and now I’m giving it away. Starting Wednesday, on the front page of you’ll find a selfie and description of what I’m wearing that day, along with brief details of how to find me. If you’re wanting to get your own, you’ll want to pay attention to this page.  If you aren’t going to Gen Con, you still have a chance! I’ve donated 5 copies to Gen Can’t this year so keep an eye on Twitter #GenCant2015 and

If you are planning to track down a copy, please note that I screwed something up in the rules. It’s fairly minor, but hopefully you’ll forgive me. I’ve uploaded the corrected rulebook, but I’ll also present you with a short summary here:

An Exclusive means that you have all 4 hats of one style. 

That’s it. One of the haberdasher cards uses this term and it wasn’t defined in the rules anywhere. Whoops. Please forgive me.

Portal Games

This year, Gen Con is a bit different for me. I work for a publisher now. I’ve worked many shows for many publishers before as a member of a demo team… but I’ve never worked FOR the publisher. This year, much of what happens in Indianapolis sits on my shoulders… I could write all this out again, but I wrote this last week in our newsletter so I’ll just copy the story here:

20150716_164137Wow, the stories I could tell you from the office this week. You guys did know that Gen Con is next week, right? Yeah… that means a lot for gamers. Let me tell you though, for publishers, the week leading up to Gen Con is madness! You know how, in real life, nothing ever goes right? That’s what it feels like leading up to the show.

When you arrive in Indianapolis, the city has been transformed. There’s posters and welcome signs everywhere. The streets are cleaned. The convention center looks great with all the decorations. The dealer hall looks like Disneyland. The whole city turns into a theme park for gamers. There are so many things that can go wrong on a small scale, that things are bound to go wrong. We have been planning this year’s show since the start of last year’s show. Almost a whole year of planning and guess what? Things still go wrong.

But, we will show up. We will have our games. We will smile. We will have fun. We will soak in your excitement and it will fuel us… and all these hard times will vanish. And we will be happy.

If you enjoy behind the scenes stuff like this, join our mailing list! I send a newsletter once every two weeks and always include some small anecdote at the end. I try to keep it brief and not clog your inbox with something you didn’t want.  (Scroll about halfway down the page. On the right side. You’ll see it)


I can’t wait to meet you all at Gen Con this week! See you on the other side!

Finding Me at Gen Con 2015

transparent-logoIn one week, I’ll be packed and heading to Indianapolis for Gen Con 2015. If you aren’t aware already, I’m giving away a new game: Madder Than a Hatter. I have well over 100 copies of the game to give away and just like last year, there will be a few rules.

The Rules

Simple, find me in Indianapolis during Gen Con, and ask me for a copy of Madder Than a Hatter. If I have any, you get one! This contest doesn’t officially begin until Thursday, July 30th, but I arrive in town on Tuesday… it never hurts to ask, right?

As with everything, there needs to be a few restrictions on this offer:

You only get 1, no matter how many times you ask. Seriously, be thoughtful of others. I may not remember your name 5 minutes after you tell me, but I’ll remember YOU.

If you are in a group, the group gets 1. This rule is flexible of course, but the idea is, I’d like to get the game into the hands of as many play groups as possible. If you and 10 of your friends approach me and all ask for the game, don’t count on all of you getting a copy. (and don’t try to game this rule by approaching me one at a time -I’m not as gullible as Bilbo)

I’ll only have around 50 copies on me each day. The bulk of the giveaway will happen Thursday, Friday, and Saturday… but I’m not going to be carrying around 100 copies of the game for me the whole show. My back won’t like that. If I run out before you ask that day, sorry. Try again. Seriously. Find me the next day. I won’t hold one for you, but I’d love for you to get one! (yes, you have to ask again!)

If someone asks about Madder Than a Hatter!, you have to tell them how to get it! Once I have given you a copy of Madder Than a Hatter, it becomes your duty to inform anyone that asks about the game, how they may receive their own copy. You should also tell them to check out so they can read up for themselves on how to find me.


How Do You Find Me?

Alright, so this is the big question. You want Madder Than a Hatter, but you don’t know me and you aren’t sure how to find me during the show. I’m going to make this as simple as possible. Starting Wednesday afternoon, check out the front page It’ll look something like this:


Every morning, I’ll take a selfie of that days hat/shirt combo. Clicking on the image each day, will take you to a larger, picture for more detail. I will also update the text throughout the day as I move around the convention center.

Obviously, not everyone can access this page during the convention, so here’s the general text rundown:

  • I’m TALL: 6′ 4″ to be exact. And thin.
  • When wandering, I always wear a fedora. Most likely, it’ll be a black, wool fedora with a black ribbon… but I’ll also have a few others with me.
  • I always wear button-down shirts. No tee shirts for me.
  • I work for Portal Games. If all else fails, stop by booth 2052 and see if I’m there. Chances are, that answer will be yes.

If all else fails, you can always stalk me on Twitter or email (cheveedodd at gmail). I’ll have my phone on me at all times and will try my best to get back to you if you ask where I am. Remember, though, I’ll be working all day for Portal Games and I’m not going to be unprofessional by checking my phone constantly.

We are only a few days away and I can’t wait to get this started. See you in Indy!


This year’s giveaway was brought to you with the help of these fine sponsors. Show them some love!
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