Rose, From Memory // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #17

This is the first drawing in this series where I didn’t have a reference in front of me. Being that this is from memory, I doubt it has any degree of botanical accuracy… but I’ve drawn this rose hundreds of times in my life.

I started drawing it, I believe, in middle school. It was not an original drawing, but it became something of “my thing” after a few years. I believe I copied the idea and form of the rose from a book. Probably something in the Dragonlance series. Something about Knights of the Rose? If anyone can point me to that, I’d love to rediscover the inspiration.

This rose used to be on and in almost all of my poetry notebooks. I drew it for girlfriends. I sometimes colored it. Often, it allppeared as doodles on my homework. It honestly has no meaning to me at this point, I just wanted to draw something from memory.

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