I don’t always write about game design. Here you may find articles about my life, art, the game industry, or just a general purpose rant.

Such a creative title right? You’ve never heard that before. I’m so clever. You mean to tell me that creativity isn’t always there for you? Sometimes you feel creative and have a deep drive to make something new. Sometimes you have to struggle to do the most basic of creative […]

Creativity Is Fleeting

I hesitate to call myself an artist. It has always felt like giving myself a nickname. I wanted other people to determine when I qualified for the title… like it was something you had to earn. If you look around this site, or my other social medias, art is everywhere. […]

I Chose Art

Bread is scarce right now and I’ve seen posts all over the internet of people learning to make bread… so I thought I’d share one of my favorite “survival foods.” This is Bannock, a traditional Irish/European/Canadian bread that can be fried or baked. This is a type of soda bread […]

Bannock Recipe

Yesterday I tweeted about this poem that just sort of happened out of my fingers. I was listening to a podcast, working on some code, and I turned on my camera just to capture some “coder at work” type footage. No idea why I thought this footage would be useful… […]

Stream of Consciousness Poetry

Depression is a disease… ailment… an infliction. It is an extremely personal experience and though some symptoms may be present in many different forms of depression… mostly, it’s extremely difficult to explain or understand. I’ve dealt with it one way or another my whole life. It’s a subject that I […]

What is Depression?

There's something very cathartic about plugging in some power tools and building something by hand. I've decided to mix my love of woodworking with my love of board games.

Making Giant Meeples