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Tomorrow, I leave for Gen Con 2015. I’m loading in my 1982 GMC 1500 truck and making the 400 mile trek without air conditioning, or even a radio. That’s not a problem when I’m on my bike, when I have to really pay attention to the world around me… but my truck is slow. Like, really slow… and boring… and hot… but, you know what? None of that matters. I’m going to Gen Con!

Matter Than a Hatter

transparent-logoThis year, I’m giving away another game: Madder Than a Hatter. I had a blast developing this game on camera, with the input of some awesome fans, and now I’m giving it away. Starting Wednesday, on the front page of you’ll find a selfie and description of what I’m wearing that day, along with brief details of how to find me. If you’re wanting to get your own, you’ll want to pay attention to this page.  If you aren’t going to Gen Con, you still have a chance! I’ve donated 5 copies to Gen Can’t this year so keep an eye on Twitter #GenCant2015 and

If you are planning to track down a copy, please note that I screwed something up in the rules. It’s fairly minor, but hopefully you’ll forgive me. I’ve uploaded the corrected rulebook, but I’ll also present you with a short summary here:

An Exclusive means that you have all 4 hats of one style. 

That’s it. One of the haberdasher cards uses this term and it wasn’t defined in the rules anywhere. Whoops. Please forgive me.

Portal Games

This year, Gen Con is a bit different for me. I work for a publisher now. I’ve worked many shows for many publishers before as a member of a demo team… but I’ve never worked FOR the publisher. This year, much of what happens in Indianapolis sits on my shoulders… I could write all this out again, but I wrote this last week in our newsletter so I’ll just copy the story here:

20150716_164137Wow, the stories I could tell you from the office this week. You guys did know that Gen Con is next week, right? Yeah… that means a lot for gamers. Let me tell you though, for publishers, the week leading up to Gen Con is madness! You know how, in real life, nothing ever goes right? That’s what it feels like leading up to the show.

When you arrive in Indianapolis, the city has been transformed. There’s posters and welcome signs everywhere. The streets are cleaned. The convention center looks great with all the decorations. The dealer hall looks like Disneyland. The whole city turns into a theme park for gamers. There are so many things that can go wrong on a small scale, that things are bound to go wrong. We have been planning this year’s show since the start of last year’s show. Almost a whole year of planning and guess what? Things still go wrong.

But, we will show up. We will have our games. We will smile. We will have fun. We will soak in your excitement and it will fuel us… and all these hard times will vanish. And we will be happy.

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I can’t wait to meet you all at Gen Con this week! See you on the other side!

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5 thoughts on “Gen Con, Hats, Maddness

  • Sean

    Having issues seeing your updates about where you are on mobile the picture of today’s outfit and link to text clues does not show up. Still on the hunt though 🙂

  • jean davidson

    Okay – I am so bummed that I can’t just buy this game. My kids went to Gencon with a list of games. This was on it. They couldn’t find you or the game. Now, I read that it was a give-away. Why wouldn’t you sell it to those of us that want to buy a copy? Please?

    • chevee Post author

      It is never my intention to publish my giveaway games, but the possibility isn’t completely zero. If I do publish the game in the future, I’ll let you know!