I grew up in the small town of Fairmont, WV. Like most youth from sheltered communities, I couldn’t wait to escape. When a recruiter for the Marine Corps presented me with the opportunity, I signed up. I spent four years in the Marines and separated just before September, 2001. I returned home to Fairmont and found myself wondering why I ever left.

After separation, I tried a few very different jobs in the automotive industry, but eventually found myself doing IT and SysAdmin work for the Board of Education. After 8 years, I lost that job thanks to some legislation, and I moved on to being a Sotftware Developer. I contract as a consultant and technician with local businesses as well and I will always entertain offers!

I have two beautiful little girls who mean the world to me and keep me motivated to continue striving for success. I look forward to every day that I get to learn something from them and see them learn from me. In 2016 they inspired me to pursue YouTube as a hobby and I started my show, The Daily Shed.

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