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Finished Designs

These games have been published in some fashion: a traditional retail publisher, print on demand publisher, or simply print and play.

ScallywagsScallywags is my first published board game, released Summer 2012. It started as a self-published print and play title in 2008 and was picked up by Gamewright in the fall of 2011.

pull-button-210x210PULL! – A Trap Shooting Card Game is my first adventure into a full, self-published run. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in May of 2014.

me-booty-210x210Me Booty! is the first (of hopefully many!) free game. The game was printed in limited quantities and given to participants at Gen Con 2014 for free.

Paper RoutePaper Route is my first FREE print and play release since Doubloons! over four years ago! I love making games, and I want to share them with the world. This is a way for me to do so without publishers getting in the way.

Leathernecks '43Leathernecks ‘43 is a fast-paced dice game which mixes push-your-luck elements with important tactical decisions. You control a squad of Marines advancing up the beach towards enemy machine gun positions. Rolling the soldiers on your dice allows them to advance, but you might also roll machine gun fire which slows them down.

Tuesday Night TanksTuesday Night Tanks is a fast paced, dice-less combat game for 2 to 4 tank commanders. Players compete on a board made of four random map pieces which means the game changes every time you play.


These games are still works in progress. There may be print and play versions available, but nothing is final. I change them frequently

Operation PicnicOperation Picnic started life as a zombie game I designed to play with Jayme. She loves zombies, and also games with a fair amount of randomness. After a year of testing and development, I decided that it was time to change the theme to something more widely accepted. This will likely be my next Kickstarter project after I get it through some blind testing.

Dead EndProject: Dead End is the first game created in my Open Game Design experiment. I have written about the entire creation process on this site and will continue to do so as I wrap up the project and either release it as a print and play game or it is published.

This is a fast-paced zombie game that is played with a deck of cards, a pair of dice, and some zombie tokens. My goal when I started this project was to make a zombie game that is actually fun to play.

HedebyHedeby is a dice game at heart set in the Viking Age. It has a very loose press-your-luck mechanic and as the game progresses, you slowly take control of the randomness and build your way towards victory.

Players take on the roles of the Danish jarls (noblemen) in the city of Hedeby. You will be recruiting laborers, crafting ships, and building structures in an effort to make your district more prestigious than your opponents. You may contract land to produce goods and build markets, churches, and other useful buildings that will help you sell your goods, recruit more labor, and build more noteworthy structures. In the end, the jarl with the most prestigious district wins.

Princess DIcePrincess Dice began as a bit of a joke on Twitter. Dice games are fairly popular, but they are all boy-themed: zombies, Martians, war… I wanted something for my daughters to play. I had an idea on my way home one evening and Princess Dice was born.

Princess Dice was re-themed as Leathernecks ’43 above. Though the games are functionally identical, I’m leaving the entry here because I may, at some point, change Princess Dice slightly to fit the target audience more.

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