Not everything I write is a long, descriptive post. Sometimes I like to post small updates about my life, projects, and art. Sometimes I hold contests and giveaways or just need your opinion on something.

Hello friends! It’s been well over a year since I last spoke with you… and that needs to change. I’m kicking the dust off this place soon (like, today) and you’ll start seeing more of me around here. As my life settles down into more of a routine, I’m finding […]

Anybody Out There?

In 19 days, we celebrate my favorite holiday: International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Every year, around this time, I do something special. Traditionally it’s been to give away copies of Scallywags… but this year, it’s something a little bit different. Me Booty! is now for sale at! Last […]

Me Booty! – Now For Sale!