Stream of Consciousness Poetry

Yesterday I tweeted about this poem that just sort of happened out of my fingers. I was listening to a podcast, working on some code, and I turned on my camera just to capture some “coder at work” type footage. No idea why I thought this footage would be useful… but regardless, at some point, I realized the footage was very boring because I wasn’t typing much.

So, I opened notepad and started typing whatever fell out of my head. I have no idea where this came from… it has nothing to do with the podcast I was listening to… it just happened. I used to write a ton of poetry. Like, all the time. I haven’t written in years… but anyway, here you go. I thought I’d share.

There comes a time when you
must be something
that you know you need to be
but you are afraid
you can’t become.

You take the first step
and, unsure
you walk out that door
to see what lies behind
because, it might be you.

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