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I’ve finally resurrected the gaming channel and for the first video back, I decided to do a sort of unboxing // review hybrid. I’ve been playing the game digitally for months, and am absolutely enamored with it. I loved the original, but couldn’t find people to play. This time, I […]


This simple custom, diy headboard was built with a few 1″x10″ pine boards, inexpensive LED lights, and an in-set power strip for extra functionality. You could build this in a weekend with limited tools. It’s a great beginner project that brings life to any bedroom and provides excellent lighting that’s […]

Simple DIY Lighted Headboard

I wanted to add some simple flower decor to my guest bathroom. Using a few $2 plants, some rustic pallet wood, and a coffee/sawdust mixture for the simulated dirt, I put together a few in an afternoon. They add great texture to an otherwise boring room! You can pick these […]


Yep, I started over again. Almost one month ago, I wrote that I had re-built how everything worked because it was becoming very repetitive.  I deleted nearly 95% of the item generation code and replaced it. That re-write meant that I combined all of my item generators… at that time […]

re-Starting Over – Roguelike Design part 10

When I was a child, I started programming on an Atari 400. This was essentially an Atari 2600, but with a keyboard and some additional inputs for accessories. Mine had a tape drive which gave me working storage. It used standard cassette tapes which were abundant at the time. I […]

re-Learning Math – Roguelike Design part 9

Last post, I teased a bit about the Tier input on the form shown here. Between that post and now I added the Variance option… so let’s talk about these two things! Weapons Don’t Have Power While tweaking the randomness generator for adding attributes works for generating weapons with relatively […]

Choosing Tiers – Roguelike Design part 5