I’ve been designing board games quite a bit lately and I’m having a blast. One of them is Narrow Gauge: Appalachia – a two player game about building railways in the Appalachian Mountains during the age of steam.

This game was a blast to develop and test, and I’ve decided that I need more people playing it… so I opened it up FOR FREE on Tabletopia for anyone and everyone to give it a play. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Railways were the life-blood of Appalachian towns during the age of steam. They opened the region to trade and brought laborers to work the coal seams filling the hills. Building these railways wasn’t cheap as steep mountains and narrow river valleys made tunneling and bridge construction a constant necessity. Early on, narrow gauge rails dominated as they were cheaper to construct, and could navigate tighter turns as the newly laid track often followed mountain streams.

Narrow Gauge: Appalachia is a two player game about building railways in the Appalachian Mountains. Players gain interest in railroad companies and commodity markets by building track and connecting cities. The game is played over three rounds comprised of laying track and earning dividends. After the third round, the player with the most money remaining wins.

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