A dice-based, city building game where each structure you build helps your future rolls, and hopefully helps you build faster.

Last week was a bit hectic due to a new project launch. I designed and built a website for a crew of card-playing professionals for the new game HEX: Shards of Fate from Cryptozoic Entertainment. The site launched and it's been keeping me extremely busy, but I'm enjoying it.

So, this week's update is more of a Hedeby update than anything, but I tucked some good advice on pitching in also.

Weekly[ish] Update – June 13, 2013

Monday night I hosted the first live VASSAL module test. Things went great and I wrote about it in the discussion forums. I've updated the rules and VASSAL module to reflect these changes. Also, the VASSAL module update fixes a few minor bugs. Get it all from the the Hedeby page! I have updated the PnP files also which will likely be the final update until after the holidays. The game is starting to stabilize!

Hedeby – First VASSAL Test

I have published the first print and play files at the dedicated Hedeby page. There, you will also find the first public release of the VASSAL module for online play. The forum has also been transferred to a public forum and I look forward to playtesting and discussing this game […]

Hedeby is LIVE!