Try Every Day

An attempt to draw something, every day.

Try Every Day #17 This is the first drawing in this series where I didn’t have a reference in front of me. Being that this is from memory, I doubt it has any degree of botanical accuracy… but I’ve drawn this rose hundreds of times in my life. I started […]

Rose, From Memory // Try Every Day

Try Every Day # 15 I thought I would continue exploring the woodblock style. This time, instead of searching online for reference, I took a picture of a book on my desk, and then tried to block that out. It looked okay until I tried to do the shading at […]

This one is bad // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #14 Today, the girls and I went shopping. My oldest, Row, found this awesome phone case at Claire’s. She couldn’t pass it up. When we got home, I suggested a little drawing together. We decided to pick an object to out in the middle of the table […]

A Phone Case // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #13I didn’t like the way the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point worked with my paper. It bled a little too much. I bought a six pack of Sigma Fine Liners so I could find a few sizes that work for me.I’ve learned this is a thing artists do. […]

New Markers // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #12 I’ve always been fascinated by illustrations in ancient texts. The pre-printing press era. The woodcut designs. I love how the artists of the day could capture a moment in time with seemingly just a few lines. There was no shading, so the images feature huge contrast […]

Woodcut // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #12 I used to draw characters. A LOT of characters. I developed this “style” in Junior High. I had a character that I called Max. I would draw Max in all the latest fashions. I didn’t have drawing books or the internet to research, so I just […]

Characters // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #10 This is my favorite trophy. It’s been on my desk for about 10 years now. My oldest bought it for me when she was in kindergarten. She doesn’t remember buying it, but that doesn’t matter. I remember how proud she was to give it too me. […]

My Desk Trophy // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #9 I don’t cherish objects. I’ve never really been a sentimental person. I cherish memories and experiences. That being said, my dog tags mean a great deal to me. They represent one of the hardest challenges I’ve overcome in my life and looking at them floods me […]

My Dog Tags // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #8 This is my Nintendo Switch. I bought it brand new on launch day. For the entire year prior to launch, any the someone asked what I wanted for a gift, my answer was always cash… or Game Stop gift cards. I’ve always been a Nintendo kid. […]

Nintendo Life // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #7 I don’t carry much in my pockets. Phone, wallet, and my Swiss Army Tinker. That’s it. That’s about all it’s ever been. I’ve carried my Tinker since I was a child. I was a huge MacGyver fan and always wanted his iconic knife. I don’t know […]

My favorite tool // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #6 When your name is Chevee, you often get asked this conversation starter “what kind of car do you drive?” followed by a little grin. Right now… a 2010 Ford Focus. I’ve never really cared about cars. My dad was a major classic car guy. He tried […]

What I drive // Try Every Day