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Try Every Day #12

I used to draw characters. A LOT of characters. I developed this “style” in Junior High. I had a character that I called Max. I would draw Max in all the latest fashions. I didn’t have drawing books or the internet to research, so I just took elements from comic strips and cartoons I liked.

The eyes came from Garfield. The hair… Max’s hair, not this guy… came from Calvin and Hobbes. The posture, clothing, etc came from Blondie. I don’t know where the un-connected lines came from, but I’m sure I saw it somewhere and liked it.

Over the years, these characters became friends. I drew hundreds of them. In boot camp, they became my drill instructors. When I worked in car dealerships, the mechanics. When I started working on my own board games, the characters in my games. Maybe some day I’ll try to dig out some of my old sketchbooks and share

This guy. He’s nobody. I just wanted to try out a fine tip sharpie today.

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