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Try Every Day #7

I don’t carry much in my pockets. Phone, wallet, and my Swiss Army Tinker. That’s it. That’s about all it’s ever been. I’ve carried my Tinker since I was a child.

I was a huge MacGyver fan and always wanted his iconic knife. I don’t know when I found my first, and what model it was, but I’ve carried the Tinker at least since my teenage years. It has pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, knives, an awl, and a can opener. Every single one of those tools have been clutch in various situations.

I reach for this tool instinctively before trying to find the correct “full size” tool. I’m no MacGyver, but I can fix almost anything with the right tools, and my Tinker, more often than not, is a great replacement for the “right tool.”

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