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Try Every Day #6

When your name is Chevee, you often get asked this conversation starter “what kind of car do you drive?” followed by a little grin.

Right now… a 2010 Ford Focus.

I’ve never really cared about cars. My dad was a major classic car guy. He tried sharing that love with me by taking me to car shows and working on cars with me… but I never really cared about the cars. I liked the colors. The body lines. The interior. The designs. But I always wanted motorcycles.

I’ve never cared much what type of car I drive and I’ve found most brands are relatively reliable. Truth is, I’ve never owned a Chevrolet product. I had a GMC truck for a while. Does that count?

This car… it’s a little more special though, because of where it came from. I got this car from one of my favorite persons on the planet. His name is Todd. We’ve been friends since we were teens and he landed me my first job in the automotive industry as a salesman. I was terrible. He was not. Now, 20 years later, he owns three Ford dealerships. I love this car. Thanks Todd!

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