Madder Than a Hatter – PnP 7

It’s been a few weeks. I know. Again, I’ve been super busy with Portal Games these past few weeks getting things ready for print as well as working a few shows. So, I’ve had to do some development on Madder Than a Hatter without the camera on. I was hoping to avoid this, but… I failed.

image4221   image3421

The graphic design for the cards is done… “beta done.” I’m not opposed to changing it, but I like it in general. Trying to keep this whole game sleek and simple like an old advertisement.

Madder Than a Hatter
3 or 4 Players
15 Minutes

You can now download the first set of PnP cards. I haven’t written the rules yet, but later today (or this weekend) I’ll record the next video in the series and explain how the game currently plays. I could use as many testsers as possible, so if you know anyone that’s willing to try it, please share this post!

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7 thoughts on “Madder Than a Hatter – PnP

  • Robin Lees

    In vlog #4 you were debating the scoring of exclusives, and specifically the rarity and people playing against it. You considered changing it from 5 points, to 3 or 2 points (and therefore more common).

    What if the first exclusive anyone has is worth 2 points, but a second exclusive is worth 3 points each (It’s only possible to max out with 2 exclusives, right?)

    • chevee Post author

      Nice idea! You’d have to play against terrible opponents to get more than 1 Exclusive, but I like it. 🙂

  • Robin Lees

    I’m intrigued to know what would happen in a 4 player game if each of the players only do one specific thing; 1 player only ever plays cards to themselves, 1player only ever plays cards to any other player, 1 player only ever plays cards to one specific other player, the final player can do whatever they want. (I’m not saying this is a rule, but for play-testing purposes, I’d be intrigued to know what the resulting scores would be in consecutive plays).

  • Nick Shaw

    Just to check – in a 3 player game, after dealing out the cards, you’ll have 23 cards left in the deck. So the Assembly Line will have 5 cards in for 4 turns, but then only 3 for the last turn? Is that right? Also, the last player in turn order has one less turn, as the 2nd player takes the final Assembly Line card.

    Maybe in a 3-player game you could discard 2 cards from the deck before play, so then there will be 21 cards left, so all players have an equal number of turns?

    • chevee Post author

      I kinda screwed this up in the video. In a three player game, deal 1 face up and 3 card hands. That way the math still works. You’ll have 5 rounds of 4 instead of 4 rounds of 5.

  • John White (@SirbobDesign)

    In a 3 player game could the assembly line be 4 cards? Any thing new with this game? I thought maybe one or 2 suits could have no actions to speed up the game. How many cards do you need for a 5 player game?

    • chevee Post author

      The setup changes for 3 players completely. This was a change made in the production version.

      Not sure about 5 player. I could probably add 2 more suits and make it for 5.