Finding Me Booty!

logosmallIf you aren’t aware yet, I’ll be giving away 100 copies of my new game Me Booty! at Gen Con 2014. You can click here to read the article all about it. Some people think I’m crazy for doing this, but I like giving… the only problem is, I have to actually get 100 people to ask me for Me Booty! so I don’t have to bring any home with me.

How Does This Work?

Simple, find me at Gen Con, ask me for Me Booty!. If I have any, you get one! As with everything, there are a few restrictions to this offer:

You only get 1, no matter how many times you ask. Seriously, be thoughtful of others. I may not remember your name 5 minutes after you tell me, but I’ll remember YOU.

If you are in a group, the group gets 1. This rule is flexible of course, but the idea is, I’d like to get the game into the hands of as many play groups as possible. If you and 10 of your friends approach me and all ask for the game, don’t count on all of you getting a copy. (and don’t try to game this rule by approaching me one at a time -I’m not as gullible as Bilbo)

I’ll only have around 30 copies on me each day. The bulk of the giveaway will happen Thursday, Friday, and Saturday… but I’m not going to be carrying around 100 copies of the game for me the whole show. My back won’t like that. If I run out before you ask that day, sorry. Try again. Seriously. Find me the next day. I won’t hold one for you, but I’d love for you to get one! (yes, you have to ask again!)

If someone asks about Me Booty!, you have to tell them how to get it! Once I have given you a copy of Me Booty!, it becomes your duty to inform anyone that asks about the game, how they may receive their own copy. You should also tell them to check out so they can read up for themselves on how to find me.

How Do We Find You!?

Alright, so this is the big question. You want Me Booty!, but you don’t know me and you aren’t sure how to find me during the show. I’m going to make this as simple as possible. Starting Wednesday afternoon, check out the front page of It’ll look something like this:


Every morning, I’ll take a selfie of that days hat/shirt combo. Clicking on the image each day, will take you to a larger, picture for more detail. I will also update the text throughout the day as I move around the convention center.

Obviously, not everyone can access this page during the convention, so here’s the general text rundown:

  • I’m TALL: 6′ 4″ to be exact. And thin.
  • I always wear a fedora. Most likely, it’ll be a grey, wool fedora with a black ribbon… but I’ll also have a few others with me.
  • I always wear button-down shirts. No tee shirts for me.
  • When walking around, I’ll be wearing a huge, yellow hiking backpack.
  • I’m volunteering for Portal Games this year, teaching Imperial Settlers and whatever else they need. If all else fails, stop by the booth and see if I’m there. Chances are, that answer will be yes.

If all else fails, you can always stalk me on Twitter or email (cheveedodd at gmail). I’ll have my phone on me at all times and will try my best to get back to you if you ask where I am. Remember, though, I’m working for Portal Games and I’m not going to be unprofessional by checking my phone constantly.

We are only a few days away and I can’t wait to get this started. See you in Indy!

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