Scallywags, Who be Winning!? 1

The contest has come to a close. I’m thrilled at the response I received this year and want to sincerely thank everyone that participated for lifting my spirits. Game designers will always joke that we don’t do this for money… but the truth is… I don’t. I do it because I enjoy it and the encouragement of my readers and followers empowers me to continue. Thank you. Very much.

Enough of the sappiness… on to the good stuff.

There were 71 entries in yesterday’s contest. The original Tweet was retweeted 44 times and the post on my site generated 27 comments. That’s pretty darn awesome. Some of those are duplicate entries, but I decided to allow it… after all, pirates be takin’ advantage of the system!

I plugged some numbers in here, sorted some things there, and narrowed down that list to a single winner:

Twitter user @phillips7


I had a blast. Thanks for entering. I’m totally keeping up this tradition!


If you are curious about the my process… here’s what I did.

  • Pulled out all the RT’s from Twitter and made a list (I had to manually do some of this from my phone because the website list kept cutting off at 24 names)
  • Copied all the user names from the comments section of the page and added them to the list (again, manually)
  • Go to and paste in the list in their lists randomizer… then randomize the list
  • Ask to provide a random number between 1 and 71: it picked #65

That’s all there is to it!

Here’s the list for the curious:

  1. Robert Huss
  2. @Greymattersplat
  3. @BowerGameCorner
  4. Mark
  5. @todddercheid
  6. Patrick
  7. @AdamBuckingham
  8. Aaron (Tomrel)
  9. @Sarcastic_Robot
  10. @HappyMitten
  11. @strerd
  12. @roadtohell
  13. Hann Boe
  14. @DiceBoardCards
  15. @LeandraLarge
  16. @banunki
  17. @jesseecuster
  18. @AJ_ratcliffe
  19. Chris Stretten
  20. @khylek
  21. JohnWrot
  22. Jason Hager
  23. Rob McFadden
  24. @TwitchFactory
  25. Harlan
  26. @EdPMarriott
  27. @skunkmunkee
  28. FarmerLenny
  29. PCGP
  30. @velocipastor
  31. @TimberGreenBoe
  32. Sarah
  33. @jasongrantz
  34. @jefunk
  35. Todd Zircher
  36. @ProfBeard
  37. Justin
  38. @MrTomrel
  39. Brent
  40. @phillier937
  41. Corbin
  42. @lcoffee7
  43. Mike Sweet
  44. @NOTLPChiz
  45. Robert Geistlinger
  46. @mjheeke
  47. @Txordo4Me
  48. @RoboRPG
  49. Joel
  50. Pertante
  51. Shawn Lasseter
  52. Peter Hildebrand
  53. @HotMama_yabuddy
  54. @EuroGamerGirl
  55. @WispHollow
  56. Jason Funk
  57. @FarmerLenny
  58. @BobTHJ
  59. @pdubarry
  60. @TehZmann
  61. @thomascanning
  62. Kevin Bissell
  63. @BFDGames
  64. Jasmine
  65. @phillips7
  66. Emile B
  67. AjRatcliffe
  68. @GateKeeperGamin
  69. @The_Kyle_Mann
  70. @TimBrier
  71. @octopus08games

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