DIY Push Block

If you work with power tools, safety is important. A push block is a safety tool I should have had already, but… well… I have no excuse. Cutting rabbets and dadoes on a table saw or router is dangerous. So, let’s make a push block. Sure, they are super cheap to buy, but free is always better.

This project is super simple. I don’t have much to say about it or build pics to share. Take a piece of wood, glue on a handle, attach mouse-pad, done. In the video, I do show a few techniques… like jointing on a table saw… but really, this was just an excuse to get down to the shop and make something.

I could have been fancy with this. One thing I’ve always heard woodworkers say is that you should use your shop projects to try new techniques and learn from them. I could have laminated some wood and made a pretty handle… or tried a new finish. I could have trimmed the whole thing in edge banding or painted it… but really, I just want to get my jointer set up and running. I needed this tool before the weekend. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to DIY Push Block

  1. Bubba Humphrey says:

    You should use a good oil, so when using the push block, prolonged dry and chapped hands are avoided.

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