Something From Nothing ep 16

SomethingNothingLogo1-287x300I’m extremely far behind on publishing this one. Episode 17 is only a few days away already. This Kickstarter stuff has taken up so much of my time!


Anyways… on this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jason Kotarski and Andy Lenox. Now, the problem with having this duo on is that we are all familiar with each other and it was quite difficult to stay on task and talk about anything seriously… but it made for a very memorable episode!

Jason Kotarski is best known for his massively overfunded Great Heartland Hauling Co from Dice Hate Me Games. I hear it’s pretty okay but I’ve yet to check it out myself.

Andy Lenox is… well… he’s a good dude. He does a podcast with Jason called 20 Minutes of Filler. If you’re looking for fillers, I highly recommend you give it a listen.

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