PULL! Goes Live on the 21st!

I’ve had my head buried so far into this campaign that I totally forgot to announce it on my own  blog. I’ve Tweeted links and posted to Facebook,  but for some reason, just coming here to type it up has been too much. Well, it’s official. Sometime in the morning hours of Monday, April 21st, I will hit the launch button on the Kicsktarter campaign. It’ll likely be between 1000 and 1100 EST. I don’t have a firm time set in stone.

I haven’t been silent because I’m lazy. I’ve been silent because I’ve been feverishly working on this campaign to make it as awesome as possible.

pull-expansionsI’ve been working on designing new stretch goals with awesome new expansions and brand new art.

pull-shooters-boxI’ve been working on the amazing custom wood deck boxes with my friend Chris Urinko at Daft Concepts.

pull-scoring-appI’ve been working with a mobile developer to put together a scoring app.

pull-videoI’ve been working on filming videos.

pull-product-samplesI’ve been working with multiple US manufacturers to find one that fits the project.

I’ve also been working on multiple interview sessions, podcasts, and guest blog posts to release during the campaign. I’m really excited to share this stuff.

If anyone tells you that self-publishing through a Kickstarter campaign is easy, they are lying through their teeth or failing miserably. Making a campaign is not as simple as throwing some stuff on a KS page and hitting launch. The campaign is much bigger than just a simple page.  A campaign is building the buzz and getting the word out that you are doing something special. It’s preparing your campaign based on real-world numbers and not some magic dollar figure you pull out of your head. It involves business licenses, bank accounts, and taxes. When I hit the launch button, and my campaign funds, I’ll be doing everything in my power to fulfill my backer rewards as quickly as possible. Doing the majority of the work up front means I have a pretty firm understanding of how long this process will take.

I am ready. Let’s make magic happen!


We still have a few days left, go check out the Kickstarter Preview and leave some comments. Let me know what needs fixed. Most importantly, hit the Notify Me link so you’ll get an email when it goes live!



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