Chevee Dodd, LLC – A New Beginning

This adventure I’m on has spanned many more years than I ever imagined. Like most things I’ve ever been passionate about, I expected my interest to wane. I expected to give it up and move on to some other endeavor. Not only has that not happened, I’ve continued to achieve new successes.

Today, I take another step with the formation of Chevee Dodd, LLC – Graphic Designer for Hire

I have been asked many times by friends, publshers, friends of friends, and even some people I’ve never met, to do graphic design work for them. I’ve built websites. I’ve designed icons. I’ve done rudimentary illustrations. I’ve been working on this little side-craft for many many years. I am not professionally trained and I am in no way calling myself an expert. Given a set of instructions, however, I am quite capable of making some nice designs and layouts.

I’d love to work on projects in the game industry, but I’m open to just about anything: book covers, brochures, advertising, websites, business cards… whatever you need. If you think I’m your guy, talk to me! The good news is, I’m not overly confident in myself… so I work on the cheap!


Check out my Gallery if you are interested in my previous work.


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