Something From Nothing ep 12 1

SomethingNothingLogo1-287x300This weeks episode was a little more awesome than I’m used to. We had some great conversations, a bit too much laughter, and only a hint of awkward. Crowd participation was excellent too! We love checking the Twitter feed during the show, so don’t forget, during future episodes you can tweet us by using the hashtag #BTGSFN.


Robert Burke lept onto the scene a few years ago with his first self-published title Cartoona. He has successfully funded several more projects through Kickstarter and continues to churn out games at an alarming rate.

David Chott is taking the leap into self-publishing and is having the time of his life. His first game, Lagoon, is currently on Kickstarter and smashed through the funding goal in just a few days.

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