Something From Nothing ep 02 1

This weeks Something From Nothing was extra special. We had special guests Tory Niemann and Daniel Solis! The response on Twitter was excellent during the show which has me excited about continuing this in the future. I love sharing and helping more than anything and this new technology presents an opportunity to connect with others that enjoy the same.

Tory Niemann, designer of Alien Frontiers, presented us a challenge he’s been facing with one of his prototypes… a pick-pocket game where the players are literally picking pockets by reaching into drawstring bags to steal tokens. It’s a very neat mechanic and I think the game sounds pretty awesome… Tory is concerned that it’s too random and to push-your-luck.

Daniel Solis, prolific blogger and designer of the massively-over-funded Belle of the Ball, has a whole new look on Liar’s Dice… the problem is, he feels that there is just not enough going on to keep it interesting. How do you make a game more complex?


And… of course… I talk too much. I need to get a handle on that…

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