Custom Heaboard With Built-In Nightlight

I recently bought a new bed from Amazon. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The mattress is amazing and the frame is attractive (and adequate.) When I bought it, the frame options scaled from about $100 – $500 based on how much custom stuff you want. I decided that I just wanted the frame and I would make the rest myself. Specifically, I knew I wanted to make the headboard.


I bought some cherry a while back from a local hardwood dealer. The plan was always to make a few side tables for the bedroom as I’ve never really had proper bedroom furniture. I’m still planning to build furniture for the bedroom, so making a headboard was a must. I want it to match and look good.

Additionally, I knew the lights were going to be a big part of this project. I didn’t film the lighting circuit in detail… it’s just a switch and a power supply. If you need help with that part, let me know. I’ll google up some examples for you.

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