How to Make a Soundboard

How to Make a Soundboard – YouTube

Every day, I record a show in my shop called The Daily Shed. I wanted a way to add some “live” sound effects, as well as play viewer messages during the live show. Using the Adafruit Audio FX sound board and an old pair of computer speakers, I put together a vintage-looking sound board. My goal was to make it look like a mid-century piece of lab equipment. I think I accomplished that goal.

This soundboard uses the Adafruit Audio FX to store and play the sounds. From the speaker unit, I use the speakers, amplifier, controls, and speaker grills. I had to un-solder some components of the amplifier in order to better mount the components in the box. After un-soldering, the components were re-joined to the board using jumper wires to make a sort of harness. I split the input voltage with a 5-volt regulator to supply power to the Audio FX. The box is made of walnut and luan with a shellac finish and brass hardware.
Adafruit Audio FX –
Jumper Wires –
Switches –
Helping Hands –
Heat Gun –
Heat Shrink –
Bob Clagget, I Like to Make Sutff:
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