Something From Nothing ep 09

SomethingNothingLogo1-287x300Another episode of Something From Nothing is in the can and we had great guests once again: Christopher Chung and Seth Jaffee. We discuss micro games, 4X games, deckbuilders, and the DHMG 54 card challenge… and maybe a few personal projects here and there.



Christopher Chung founded Flash Forward Games to focus on designing simple, fun games. He self-published his first game, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, this year and is planning on doing many more!

Seth Jaffee is the head of development for Tasty Minstrel Games and the designer of the acclaimed deckbuilder Eminent Domain. If you have a game idea, I suggest you pitch it to Seth before you begin. I’m pretty sure he’s played every game ever and can recommend you some excellent “look at this” titles to help you research.

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