Something From Nothing ep 08

SomethingNothingLogo1-287x300This week, we had two amazing special guests: Rob Daviau and Jamey Stegmaier. I am constantly overwhelmed with the level of support our community has shown for our little show. If we can keep booking guests of this caliber, I will be eternally satisfied. I was mostly speechless for the entire show. These guys know what they are talking about.


Rob Daviau is a veteran of the gaming industry who has worked with many mass-market publishers. Most notably, he spent years with Hasbro, and is the designer responsible for bringing us Risk: Legacy. Rob has ventured out on his own and is pursuing self-publishing more Legacy games.

Jamey Stegmaier has been designing and blogging about our industry for many years. His most notable works are Viticulture and Euphoria… and the lessons he’s shared with us about his adventures with Kickstarter.


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