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One of the highlights of GenCon for me was spending time with the guys from Rob and Jason are two of the coolest dudes I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with… and Jason is quite cuddly and smells good too! They run a top-notch design podcast and I listen to it faithfully. They feature some pretty cool guests (even me once) and spend the majority of the time actually talking design unlike some podcasts which might take a while to get to the point.

At GenCon, the guys recorded… something… every day. Thursday and Friday evening they recorded a Designer Discussion which was really just a bunch of cool folks, in a room, discussing GenCon. It was a total blast. They only have the first evening up so far, but I’ll be sure to let you know when Friday’s episode posts.

GenCon 2013 – Designers Round Table Part 1


I was also honored that they asked me to participate in a design panel on Friday. The guys had scheduled a design panel for first time designers and invited Grant Rodiek, Jason Kotarski, and myself to speak to the room. We cover all sorts of topics and I hope we shared some good info…

GenCon 2013 – Game Designer Workshop

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