Princess Dice

Princesses, Fairies, Raibows, and Unicorns

Dead End.

The Princesses of the land have entered into a competition to see who can own the most stuff. They are scouring the Kingdom in search of dresses, fairies, and unicorns. They are not the alone in their searching. The Evil Witch is following them and stealing things that they find! The Princesses must race to gather all their things before the Evil Witch can steal them all and in the end, the Princess with the most stuff wins!

What’s a game designer dad to do when he wants to play a princess themed game with his two little girls? Design a game of course! My daughters helped me design, playtest, and beautify this game from the beginning. It has been a wonderful experience for me to share this hobby with my little girls. It is even more fun when they ask to play it!


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