Project: Dead End part 14 – Neil Says It’s Done

I was walking to the dealer hall one morning during GenCon when I get a message from my co-designer Neil Roberts:

Dead End is done. I figured everything out.


I quickly took to Twitter to announce the big news. This game has been weighing on me for over 18 months now and it needs to come to a conclusion… soon. Neil has done great things for the game and I’m confident that we will finish the project… but that little message was a bit hyperbolic.

What Neil meant was that he had resolved and refined so many of the problems that we had been facing that the end was in sight. There is still significant work to be done. We wandered the dealer hall for quite a while that day and chatted up all the new ideas. I like them. There are a few kinks to work on, but he really had some huge breakthroughs that will make the game run much smoother now… but I’ll just let him tell the story. Check it out on his blog:

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