Dead Woods Rules – A Day Late and a Dollar… wait, dollars? LOL #NaGaDeMon

dead-woods-logoI was hoping to get these out yesterday. I got most of the way through them but didn’t finish as I got distracted by my princessess. We ended up decorating for Christmas most of the day and playinig video games together. Then I had a date night with Jayme which resulted in me making a fool of myself on a dance floor… which was awesome. (For real. No sarcasm)


The first draft of the rules for Dead Woods is complete. I could use some help editing them and making them crystal clear. I’ll be moving on to final graphic design soon as the rules progress and they will eventually need to be laid out in the booklet format for so I can order some sweet decks with tuck boxes and all that. Yeah. So. Don’t worry about formatting much at this point. That’ll come later. Right now, I’m just trying to get the copy right. If you find mistakes or need clarification on a topic, please leave a comment on the document by highlighting an area, right clicking your highlight, and hitting “Add comment.” ¬†Thanks!

Dead Woods rules v1.0

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