Something From Nothing ep 05

SomethingNothingLogo1-287x300This past Sunday marked the fifth episode of Something From Nothing. I’m extremely excited about how well the broadcast has been received. TC Petty III has done an amazing job of lining up special guests. That being said, we are always looking for more! TC is our volunteer gatekeeper… and let’s be honest, I think he likes the power… so you should contact him if you’d like to be on the show! This weeks episode consisted of the usual band of four along with Isaac Shalev and Ryan Laukat.


Isaac Shalev is a budding designer who’s taken on some huge projects of inspired design. I had the pleasure of meeting Issac at GenCon and he showed me his prototype Conquest of Canaan, and it was exceptionally beautiful… both in aesthetics and design.  He’s signed the game with Gozer Games and we should have a chance to see it on Kickstarter next spring.

Ryan Laukat started in the industry as an illustrator with lots of impressive work under his belt. Long before he started drawing other people’s games, he had ideas of his own. Eventually, he decided it was time to share with the world and Red Raven Games was born. Ryan has since self published and subsequently licensed many of his own games.


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