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My Blog

Sometimes I design games.

Sometimes I think about desiging games.

Sometimes I even draw stuff for games.

This is the place I discuss these things and show off my *amazing* art and design skills. Over the past year, I've designed with a ferver that has never touched me before. Design after design happend and it's honestly quite difficult to keep track of everythying.

Game design has my full attention, but in the future, I hope to be able to share more general-purpose thoughts. (I have a section for that after all!)

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Weekly[ish] Updates

I'm starting to work on more and more projects and it is difficult to write about each one every week. I'm going to start doing semi-weekly updates in this section so I can fill you in between big posts.

Scallywags - Piratey Goodness In a Small Package

Scallywags is my first professionally published game. I posted it to as a print and play title in 2008. It was picked up in 2011 by Gamewright for publication in early 2012 and here I will share some stories about the game.

Project: Dead End - An Experiment in Transparency

This is a development blog where I am chronicling the process of game design from initial concept through publication. When I say publication, what I really mean is me making the game available as a Print and Play... unless, of course, I design something so awesome that I just can't keep publishers away!

Hexploration - Trying Something a Little More Complex

I design card games. Almost exclusively. I love the portability and myriad options that only cards can provide. I decided, however, it was time for me to design a proper board game. So, why not a tile-laying game... it's like cards, but it's not cards!

Princess Fairy Rainbow Unicorn Dice - For My Daughters

I've got two little girls, 7 and 3. I love spending time with them and playing games, but I cannot stand Candyland and the other things little girls want to play. So, what does a game designing dad do but make a game we all want to play?

General Thoughts

When I'm not working on other things, I think about things. It may be game design, it may be the game industry, it may be fishing. I rarely know what I'm going to think about on any given day. This section, while currently rather barren, will contain these posts. I can't guarantee the content will be relevant...