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A Name Change


When I first designed Scallywags I was on a trip with my family and had passed on a few purchases of pirate themed games I had never heard of. When it came time to develop a name for the game, I really wanted "Loot" because the game focuses so much on getting a large share of the treasure. When I discovered that there was already a game of the same name in print, I had to come up with a different title. I settled on Doubloons! because it was really what the game was about: getting your grimy mitts on those shiny doubloons!

Shortly after inking the deal the publisher approached me with ideas to change the name. I was not particularly attached to Doubloons! and was completely open to their suggestions. They are, afterall, the same publisher that produces Loot and I figured they had a better idea of what would sell than I did. After a few messages back and forth with a few ideas, it was settled.

I absolutely love the new name. I am leaving up some of the original Doubloons! content here to chronicle the evolution of the game, but going forward, I will refer to this game using only its proper title: Scallywags

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- January 11, 2012