My camera // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #5

This is my camera. A Canon EOS M3 with the kit lens, a polarizing filter, and a collapsible hood. I’ve been staring down the barrel of this camera for almost 4 years and sharing my thoughts, desires, failures, and musings… every single weekday.

This camera has been the best therapy I’ve ever purchased. It’s worn out. The screen hinge is broken. Screws are missing. The batteries barely hold a charge. And yet, it keeps on producing videos. It keeps on listening to me ramble. It’s been one of … Continue reading

I used to wear a fedora

Try Every Day #4

For most of my life, I’ve been obsessed with the fedora. It probably started with Indiana Jones, but the iconic hat became a part of my identity. People knew me as the hat guy.

I shared that love with my girl’s grandfather. He and I would order hats together and try new styles. It was something we bonded over. We lost him in 2017 and I just couldn’t put my hats on anymore.

Now, I’m that dad wearing flat caps… usually cocked off to the side or barely on my head. … Continue reading

My view this weekend // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #3

Guess what, I already missed a day. Not a big surprise, but also not without reason. I’ve been on the couch sick since Friday night. It’s not been great for me emotionally, so Em and I have been playing Lego Harry Potter.

We fully completed both games and it was nice. At times my head was pounding. My nose running. The room spinning. But I kept going. Not because I don’t take care of myself, but because I’m still trying to learn how to relax.

Coffee // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #2

Coffee has been part of my life since I can remember. My mother always had instant coffee around. So did my grandma. Grandpa liked percolated coffee. I looked up to them and wanted to try this thing they all seemed to love.

I can remember being very young and my grandmother making me decaff instant coffee. I felt so grown up. I’ve always had a taste for it.

People who spend time with me on a daily basis show genuine concern at the amount of coffee I consume. … Continue reading

Try Every Day

Try Every Day

Somewhere along the way, I forgot to explore new things. I forgot that failure was always an option. I forgot that learning starts with being BAD at something. I forgot to try.

Recently, someone very near and dear to me has been encouraging me to try. She’s pushed me past the fear of failure so many times. Because of her, I am trying again.

So, here’s my first attempt at something new. Starting today, I’m going to try to draw something every day. I’ve never been a great artist, … Continue reading