My Desk Trophy // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #10

This is my favorite trophy. It’s been on my desk for about 10 years now. My oldest bought it for me when she was in kindergarten. She doesn’t remember buying it, but that doesn’t matter. I remember how proud she was to give it too me.

She bought it at school. Around here, there’s a traditional fund raiser called something like Santa’s Workshop. They sell trinkets and cheap gadgets at a large markup… and the children love it. Parents send money to the school. The kids build their shopping lists. They … Continue reading

My Dog Tags // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #9

I don’t cherish objects. I’ve never really been a sentimental person. I cherish memories and experiences. That being said, my dog tags mean a great deal to me. They represent one of the hardest challenges I’ve overcome in my life and looking at them floods me with amazing memories.

I wore them with pride and honor for four years of service and many years following. This particular set. I never lost them. I never replaced them. They were with me through some of the brightest and darkest days. … Continue reading

Nintendo Life // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #8

This is my Nintendo Switch. I bought it brand new on launch day. For the entire year prior to launch, any the someone asked what I wanted for a gift, my answer was always cash… or Game Stop gift cards.

I’ve always been a Nintendo kid. I coveted one in the 80s but my parents would not let me have one. I didn’t get my first NES until I was an adult. In fact, I already had an N64 by that point.

I am a loyalist to a … Continue reading

My favorite tool // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #7

I don’t carry much in my pockets. Phone, wallet, and my Swiss Army Tinker. That’s it. That’s about all it’s ever been. I’ve carried my Tinker since I was a child.

I was a huge MacGyver fan and always wanted his iconic knife. I don’t know when I found my first, and what model it was, but I’ve carried the Tinker at least since my teenage years. It has pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, knives, an awl, and a can opener. Every single one of those tools have been clutch … Continue reading

What I drive // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #6

When your name is Chevee, you often get asked this conversation starter “what kind of car do you drive?” followed by a little grin.

Right now… a 2010 Ford Focus.

I’ve never really cared about cars. My dad was a major classic car guy. He tried sharing that love with me by taking me to car shows and working on cars with me… but I never really cared about the cars. I liked the colors. The body lines. The interior. The designs. But I always wanted motorcycles.

I’ve … Continue reading