This one is bad // Try Every Day

Try Every Day # 15

I thought I would continue exploring the woodblock style. This time, instead of searching online for reference, I took a picture of a book on my desk, and then tried to block that out.

It looked okay until I tried to do the shading at the bottom. I need to do more research before I attempt new things like this.

A Phone Case // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #14

Today, the girls and I went shopping. My oldest, Row, found this awesome phone case at Claire’s. She couldn’t pass it up. When we got home, I suggested a little drawing together. We decided to pick an object to out in the middle of the table and all three of us would draw it from our seat’s perspective.

The phone case was a great choice.

We all drew on paper and this was my drawing exercise for the day. I like this drawing of for no other … Continue reading

New Markers // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #13I didn’t like the way the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point worked with my paper. It bled a little too much. I bought a six pack of Sigma Fine Liners so I could find a few sizes that work for me.I’ve learned this is a thing artists do. They test their new tools, not with any particular artistic flare. They try side-by-side comparison tests. So, I guess I’m pretending to be an artist now.What did I learn? Not much. There really isn’t much of a difference between the sizes. I’ll probably … Continue reading

Woodcut // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #12

I’ve always been fascinated by illustrations in ancient texts. The pre-printing press era. The woodcut designs. I love how the artists of the day could capture a moment in time with seemingly just a few lines. There was no shading, so the images feature huge contrast instead. Large dark patches, highlited with glints of white. I find beauty in simplicity and, to me, the art of woodcut is gorgeous.

I’ve never actually tried it though. I have a set of carving chisels. I have lots of wood. Ink and paper are … Continue reading

Characters // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #12

I used to draw characters. A LOT of characters. I developed this “style” in Junior High. I had a character that I called Max. I would draw Max in all the latest fashions. I didn’t have drawing books or the internet to research, so I just took elements from comic strips and cartoons I liked.

The eyes came from Garfield. The hair… Max’s hair, not this guy… came from Calvin and Hobbes. The posture, clothing, etc came from Blondie. I don’t know where the un-connected lines came from, but I’m sure … Continue reading