Custom Heaboard With Built-In Nightlight

I recently bought a new bed from Amazon. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The mattress is amazing and the frame is attractive (and adequate.) When I bought it, the frame options scaled from about $100 – $500 based on how much custom stuff you want. I decided that I just wanted the frame and I would make the rest myself. Specifically, I knew I wanted to make the headboard.


I bought some cherry a while back from a local hardwood dealer. The plan was always to make a few side tables for the bedroom as I’ve never really had proper … Continue reading

Opening an Etsy Store

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and open an Etsy shop. I’ve been mulling over these signs for a long time now and how I would go about marketing and selling them. I’ve started and stopped making an Etsy shop about a dozen times, but this week, I finally decided it was time. I opened the store with a few simple products and I hope to add more in the coming weeks. I have lots of products I’d like to offer, I just need to get some samples made up and take good pictures. It’s a process.

Etsy – My Online Shop

The easiest part of this process is … Continue reading

Sign Making With 3D Printed Letters

I’ve been wanting to do some custom sign work for a while now. My mom is a crafty person and does a lot of craft shows throughout the year… I thought having the ability to make custom signs like these could expand her capabilities. I also thought it could be a little side gig for me to make custom lettered signs for people. Not sure if that second one will happen or not, but I have the option now.

When I edited this video together, I really struggled with how much of the story to tell. This 10 minute example represents about 6 weeks of trial and error. Obviously, this isn’t … Continue reading

Upcycled Marking Knife

I’ve never really been great with the hand tools. When I was a young maker, in my dad’s garage, I had access to tools. Mostly just carpentry tools, but a few power tools like a drill and grinder. The hacksaw and claw-hammer were my best friends and I made all sorts of things with those two tools. Needless to say, my creations weren’t exactly… refined. I didn’t have the knowledge of finer woodworking techniques until much later in life and by that time, I had already discovered the love of power tools.

So, here we … Continue reading

Pipe Clamp Bench Vise

I built this workbench in 2013 and the one thing it’s always been lacking was a vise. It’s never had a vise of any kind attached… and I decided to change that. I do more woodworking than anything, so I didn’t want a big metalworking vise. I wanted something flush with the top that could hold workpieces securely. Simple.

Now, a search around YouTube will find loads of homemade vise ideas. Many of them, like the John Heinz vise (which is great BTW) are way more complicated than what I need… but, a few … Continue reading