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Try Every Day #10

This is my favorite trophy. It’s been on my desk for about 10 years now. My oldest bought it for me when she was in kindergarten. She doesn’t remember buying it, but that doesn’t matter. I remember how proud she was to give it too me.

She bought it at school. Around here, there’s a traditional fund raiser called something like Santa’s Workshop. They sell trinkets and cheap gadgets at a large markup… and the children love it. Parents send money to the school. The kids build their shopping lists. They go to the auditorium and buy the things on their list… or more likely, they buy things for themselves… and then they have gifts to give their family.

She bought this for me and was so excited to give it too me. She was really upset when I opened it and the paint rubbed off in my hands. So, I told her we could fix it and we took it to the shop and sprayed a few coats of clear varnish to protect it. She was so happy that we made it “all better.” Together.

It’s been on my desk ever since, collecting change. I love that memory and can’t help but think of it every time I look at my little trophy.

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