Overhead Camera Setup

Previously, I made a camera rig that attaches to my tripod. This makes for great handheld shots while also having the option to use my tripod. To complete the usefullness of this rig, I needed a way to shoot overhead shots for animations or demonstrations. So, in this video, I do  just that.

In the first video, I tried this method of hanging the camera and… well… it worked, but it wasn’t great.


It worked to finish that movie… even though the movie was about making the rig I was shooting that overhead with. Let’s not worry about shooting out of sequence here… but it wasn’t ideal. If I bumped it, the camera would sway, and it required a bit of fiddling to get the camera rig set up… and the cabinet door had to be open, which made it difficult to shoot shots of that area.

20160206_182327 (1)

So, this is the solution I came up with. A sort of shelf for the rig to sit on that attaches to the bottom of the cabinet with a few bolts, fender washers, and wingnuts. This solution is way more convenient because I can store the shelf when it’s not being used, yet quickly insert it and shoot from overhead. I can also go from handheld shooting to overhead shooting without having to do much in post to edit out the awkward swinging camera. It just works!

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