Game Design Vlog #00 – Rapid Prototyping

I’ve started a new video series about designing board and card games. The intent of this series will be to provide useful tips and tricks around designing physical games, but will be presented in a less formal manner. I will be recording myself as I work through desiging and illustrating a simple card game.

Articles about last year’s game: Me Booty!
The Idea Box article.

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3 Responses to Game Design Vlog #00 – Rapid Prototyping

  1. Mike Holyoak says:

    I love getting insight into a game designer’s process and thinking.
    Can’t wait to see more.
    Thanks for sharing and for your dedication to giving back!

    • chevee says:

      Thanks Mike!
      I ordered a new microphone yesterday, I’ll record #1 as soon as I get it! 🙂

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